An SN candidate associated with a possible tidal stream

On 2013-05-31UT, during the course of regular survey operations of CRTS, we discovered transient MLS130531:100208+115705. The source is has magnitude V=18 and appears to be associated with galaxy 2MASXJ10020847+1157123. Based on the galaxy's redshift (z=0.0362, SDSS DR9) the source has an absolute luminosity of Mv~-18. Upon visual inspection of the discovery data it was found that the transient coincides with an apparent stellar stream associated with a tidally disrupted dwarf galaxy. Archival SDSS and CHFT MegaPrime images of the host galaxy also support the existence of tidal stream associated with this galaxy. The visual inspection also serendipitously revealed numerous filaments and structures associated with CGCG 064-031, a galaxy situated 5.8'W, 29.4'S of 2MASXJ10020847+1157123 with a matching redshift (z=0.0364, NED). This source was previously noted as a "very compact" galaxy (Zwicky et al. 1961), yet is clearly extended by on-going mergers.

Follow up observations are required to confirm the nature of the supernova candidate and the existence of the possible tidal stream.

Discovery data
Links to SDSS data and NED.

Reference and Discovery image of SN candidate:

CFHT g-band MegaPrime of galaxy 2MASX J10020847+1157123:

SDSS images of 2MASX J10020847+1157123:

           SDSS g                                          SDSS r                                     SDSS i 

Nearby (15.8' W, 29.4' S) Galaxy CGCG 064-031

Redshift z=0.0364 "very compact" Zwicky, F., Herzog, E., Wild, P. "Catalogue of Galaxies and of Clusters of Galaxies", 1961
DSS2-B imageSDSS false colour image
CFHT megaprime r-band imageCFHT megaprime r-band image

Link to SDSS data and NED.